WEB Design and Development

At HITCEL, we study the ideas and cases of our clients to provide the most accurate solutions to each case, and decide if it requires a static website or a dynamic.

We develop applications for managing your company or business as billing systems and / or Inventory among others.

It is important for a company or business to have web presence, which increases the loyalty of its customers as well as its sales..

  • Analysis of each Case.

  • Successful Solutions.

  • Personalized Designs

  • Commercial management applications.

Design and Mobile Development

Currently it is necessary to have a mobile app since access to websites is done more through these devices.

In HITCEL we have professionals in the area that will help you from the concept to the publication of the final product.

  • Design and Publication of Android Apps

  • Duseño and Publication of Apps iOS

  • Concepts Analysis


Virtual shops

The virtual stores have transformed the way in which users acquire goods and services, that is why both the design and its functionality must be of quality.

In HITCEL we provide you with ideas for its implementation, from digital marketing, to the worldwide distribution of your products.

  • Customized Virtual Stores

  • Opencart, Joomla, Wooscommerce stores

  • Analysis of sales strategies

Digital Marketing

A good marketing strategy should include all areas where the target interacts.

At HITCEL our qualified team will guide you on the best and most accurate strategies to build your product or service and increase potential sales.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Social networks


WEB Positioning (SEO)

Increase the visibility of your website or online store is vital to retain customers and position your brand or product.

Our work ranges from the analysis of your website to the implementation of the best strategies to increase your visibility in the Internet.

  • Web and product or brand analysis

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Structure of the Web

Super Fast Support

We have the fastest Support Answers, giving you the continuity of the use of the contracted solutions, in the same way we have priority support contracts, ask for more information about this.

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